In nuclear power plants, materials undergo degradation due to severe irradiation conditions that may limit their operational life. Continuous progress in the physical understanding of the phenomena involved in irradiation damage and environmental effects, and continuous progress in computer sciences encroach the development of multiscale numerical tools able to simulate the materials behaviour in nuclear environment. 

The FP7 Collaborative Project PERFORM 60 was launched in 2009 to pursue the further improvement of the existing tools developed within the FP6 PERFECT project, for reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steels and to initiate the development of similar multiscale modelling

tools to simulate the combined effects of irradiation and corrosion on the RPV internals. To reach these objectives, 20 European organisations and universities involved in the nuclear  field are engaged to provide the computer tools and their integration in a user friendly platform with the main concern to produce expe-rimentally validated physical models to predict the lifetime of the components.