expected results

The main goal of the project is to develop different mechanistic models at different levels of physics and engineering and to extend the state of knowledge in several scientific fields. The links between these different kinds of model are particularly difficult to deal with and need special techniques, which have yet to be fully realised. An example of the different scales needed to investigate neutron irradiation embrittlement in the case of the RPV steels is given in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Illustration of the multiscale modelling approach used to simulate and predict the lifetime of the reactor pressure vessel of a light water reactor.

The research activities will focus on multiscale modelling of irradiation effects on reactor pressure vessels and internals using a qualified software integration platform. The work in progress, and the sustainable scientific and technical community in the EU member states that is expected to result from it, will contribute to the strengthening of the European Pole of excellence in numerical simulation for residual lifetime prediction in nuclear power plants. 

PERFORM 60 will produce:

  • more advanced versions of numerical codes to model the irradiation degradation on reactor pressure vessels for durations up to 60 years
  • a new platform of simulation tools to couple corrosion and irradiation effects on reactor internals
  • a Users’ Group to test the newly developed modelling tools in a number of benchmark exercises with a view to their experimental validation and qualification

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